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This is one of many communities where you can claim anything you want from Degrassi. Claims you can make are Characters, actors, body/images, clothes, quotes, episodes, scenes, couples, and misc. Before joining, read up on the rules. YOU MUST JOIN THIS COMMUNITY IN ORDER TO CLAIM SOMETHING!

1. You can only claim up to 3 things. No double claims. What does a double claim mean? It means that if someone already claimed something you want to claim , you can't. The best way to know if something you wanted was already claim, check the userinfo to see if it was.
2. No cursing and bashing others! If you do, your get a warning. After the second time, your gone!
3. You can trade other claims as long as the user agrees with it. Be sure you post saying that you want a trade. We also need the user that your trading with to comment on your post saying that it's ok for the trade.
4. If you help out by making this community being known or make a cool background for this community, you can claim an extra thing. (Make sure you let one of the Mods know first)
5. Be respectful. If you see that someone claimed something that you wanted, don't be rude to them. Either claim something else or ask them nicely if they are willing to trade with you.

*Note: As of now, you are allowed to claim 3 things, but in the near future, we might make it to 2 claims, so I suggest you claim what you really want now, because you might not be able to later on!

Moderator: i_love_jake
Co-Moderater: icyblugurl


Ellie Nash- xrip_romancex
JT Yorke- rocketdog187
Emma Nelson- deprived_child
Gavin(Spinner)Mason- deprived_child
Paige Michalchuk- backwardglance
Sean Cameron- you_my_dear
Manny Santos- thatkillerhit
Craig Manning- thatkillerhit
Ashley Kerwin- letigreseyton
Marco Del Rossi- frosted_glass
Hazel Aden- loveabandonsall
Dylan Michalchuk- danfanman
Angela Jeremiah- danfanman
Jimmy Brooks- bluemondayaims
Craigs dads ghost- dumb_bl0nde
Liberty Vanazant- [Unknown LJ tag]

Jake Epstein- i_love_jake
Cassie Steele- gangsta_goonie
Adamo Ruggiero- icyblugurl
John Bregar- icyblugurl
Ryan Cooley- rocketdog187
Stacey Farber- derkey
Lauren Collins- queenc2346
Daniel Clark- you_my_dear
Jake Goldsbie- lylgrle
Melissa McIntyre- letigreseyton
Shane Kippel- girlwonder680
Miriam McDonald- geoantada
Sarah Barrable-Tishauer- skyblu88

Marcos haircut- hyperbolisation
Craig's Fro- _musicological_
Spinner's golden curly hair- ducks0446
Emmas Braces- geoantada
Spinners tounge ring- alyssaleblanc
Craig's luscious pouty lips-makesomelove
Ellie's cutter scars on arms-ny_jolie
Jt's hair-xxpoorthing
Craig's huge penis- xrip_romancex

Manny's blue thong- gangsta_goonie
JT's mascot outfit- babiiblu292
Manny's pink thong from "Against all odds"- _musicological_
Spinner's Heart covered boxers from the episode "Never Gonna Give You Up"- _musicological_
The light blue t-shirt that keeps popping up on random boys(mostly on JT, Marco, and Dylan)- captainkayla
Caigs shakespeare glasses- electric_heart
Sean's jean jacket- _unfallen
Craig's Sid Visious costume- soco_line
Ashley's Ramones shirt from "Holiday"- pixie_bitch_xox
Paige's pink tinted sunglasses in season 1- bluemondayaims
Jt's sweater vest-xxpoorthing
Emma's dolphin pants- dumb_bl0nde

Ashley: "How could you?"(Holiday Part 2)- hyperbolisation
Paige: "Poor thing"(Shout)- backwardglance
JT: "That's before you're hott step sizzle, dumped his assizle"(Accident will happen part 1)- babiiblu292
Ashley: "Mr. Nice Guy" (Rock and Roll High)- thatkillerhit
Craig: "song to Ashley"(Should I Stay or Should I go?)- babiiblu292
Marco and Dylan: "Actually, you're pretty great.
I think you're pretty great too." (It's Raining Men)- dreamyxstarry
Manny: "Remember: The environment is not sexy." (Against all odds)- dreamyxstarry
Manny: "Does that make them good?" (Take my breath away)- ducks0446
"Jimmy: Not everyone here wants to uh, watch that know what I'm saying?
Marco: N-no, seeing naked ladies doesn't burn my eyes out.
Jimmy: *puts the porn back on*
Marco: Besides...I wasn't looking at them.
Spinner: Then what were you looking at?
Marco: *sarcastically* The drapes, Spin. The drapes.
Spinner: *looks at the screen confused*
Jimmy: ...He was looking at the dudes! You IDIOT." (Against all odds)- captainkayla
Ashley: "You, me, some music... my bed." (Should I stay or should I go?)- vidamia
JT: "you want one true thing liberty? You're BORING. B-O-R-I-N-G"
Liberty: "I'm stunned JT spelled a word"
JT: "Want another one? Fun. F-U-N. something you wouldnt know if it came up and bit you in the butt."
Liberty*draws on JTs locker*: Fun enough for you?" powerrangerpink
JT: "aw did Emmy pee her pants?"
Emma: "no, actually, I just got my period. For the first time. Menstrastion, you may have heard of it, happens to oh, 50% of the population, perfectly natural, nothing to be ashamed of, right miss Kwan?'- powerrangerpink
Ashley: "HOLY MAKE OUT HAIR!"- powerrangerpink
Dylan: "Guilty as charged!"- makesomelove

Ashley crying when taking her yearbook picture- d0tmy_polka
Marco and Dylan's kiss- icyblugurl
Jimmy and Spinners rap scene- soco_line
Ashley grabs the guitar from craig.(holiday pt 2)- soco_line
JT is talking to Liberty about her prudeness, and when he gets up to leave he leans in real close to her face and then walks away.makesomelove

Rock and Roll high- i_love_jake
Accidents will happen- gangsta_goonie
Pride- derkey
Its Raining Men- icyblugurl
Take on Me- rocketdog187
Secrets and Lies- deprived_child
Shout Part 1 and 2- backwardglance
How soon is now?- queenc2346
Father Figure- lylgrle
When Doves Cry- letigreseyton
Dressed in Black- ducks0446
You Got The Look- vidamia
Holiday- d0tmy_polka
Careless Whisper- danfanman
Girls Just Want to Have Fun- bluemondayaims
Anywhere I Lay My Head- shaydy_lane
Whisper to a scream- shaydy_lane

Spinner and Paige- hyperbolisation
Marco and Dylan- queenc2346
Sean and Emma- you_my_dear
Craig and Ashley- loveabandonsall
Manny and JT- _unfallen

Craigs guitar-i_love_jake
Dylan's car- lylgrle
Spinner and Jimmy's rap (Rock and Roll high)- dreamyxstarry
Marco's necklace- frosted_glass
Marco's sunglasses- frosted_glass
Heather Sinclair- captainkayla
Emma's First Period- geoantada
Hell Hath No Fury- loveabandonsall
Manny's locker- maybeme_
Paige's locker- maybeme_
Ellie's locker- maybeme_
Marco's bass- _unfallen
The cardboard cutout of JT- pixie_bitch_xox
Jt's penis pump- xxpoorthing
Ellies bass- ny_jolie
Ellies protractor- ny_jolie
Ellies rubber bands- shaydy_lane
The cynderblock Terri fell on- dumb_bl0nde
Cassie Steele's nose ring- degrassi_site
Cassie Steele's holy jeans- degrassi_site
Cassie's blue pumps- degrassi_site